Monday, 16 April 2012

Spelling words for April

I promised that I would return to pratising spelling words.  We are focusing on verb conjugation in the present tense. I gave the class a list of verbs (see below) and the students are expected to conjugate the verbs correctly with the subject in the present tense. I will test their skills on Friday, and re-test as necessary. These skills are to be mastered by the Grade 2s and introduced to the Grade 1s. The target verbs are as follows:

Grade 1 (and Grade 2); manger (to eat); nager (to swim); jouer (to play)

Grade 2:   chasser (to hunt or chase); respirer (to breathe); voyager (to travel); mesurer (to measure)

The verb endings the Grade 1s must practise are in 1st-3rd person singular, and 3rd person plural. All verbs ending with "er"  (pronounced "aye") conjugate more or less the same way. See the example below:


Je mange (I eat)
Tu manges (you eat)
il/elle mange (he/she eats)
Ils/elles mangent (they eat)

Grade 2s should also practise 1st and 2nd person plural:

Nous mangeons (we eat)
Vous mangez (you eat - formal or plural)

How to practise the spelling words: Choose one verb a day, and write it out with all the different endings. Consider these your spelling words! Please see the link below for creative ways to practise the words. This list is non-exhaustive! I am no longer photocopying drill & practise sheets. Not only are they boring & redundant for most students, but they are also a waste of photocopy paper. I want to give students more flexibility to adapt to their particular learning styles. Please have them bring in their spelling work. I will post exceptionally well done and creative work in the classroom.

I will give tests on Fridays. These will start off as "Cloze" type passage in which students insert the proper endings on verbs in a typed passage. Each week the tests will become more challenging, and students will be expected to write more.
Fun ways to practise spelling words

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