Monday, 6 October 2014

Welcome back to my blog!

Bonjour les parents!

After a year of hiatus, I decided to resurrect my old blog. Since nearly everyone is linked in and digitally literate (of varying degrees), I much prefer to update parents via a blog. On this site, I will provide the following:

  • Links to useful resources
  • Important deadlines and events
  • An update of what we are learning in Grade 1 and 2
  • Other relevant information and volunteer requests for 1/2 G 
This month, we are exploring Fall through the Five Senses and focusing on Numbers 1-20 in math. Many students have the idea that they are good at math because they can do calculations at home and count to really high numbers. However, what we are focusing on is a deeper understanding of numbers.

Here are our "I can" statements for math this month:
- I can count forward and backward from 0-21 in French
- I can count by 2 and 5 in French to 20, and backwards (Grade 2)
- I can "see" sets of numbers without counting (1-10)
- I can show my knowledge of "equal" as a balanced equation.
- I can show my knowledge of "unequal" in an equation (Grade 2)
- I know which numbers are odd and which are even
- I can estimate a quantity up to 20 (Grade 1) and 50 (Grade 2)
- I can add 10 and subtract 10 (Grade 2)
- I can read number words up to 10
- I can read and write number words up to 20 (Grade 2)
- I can show a quantity up to 10 in many different ways
- I can show a quantity up to 20 in many different ways (Grade 2)

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